In the Spotlight

New publication at Ebony Band Edition

In 1919/1920 Erwin Schulhoff wrote to dadapieces intended for publication in the periodical 'Der Dada' and dedicated to the painter and dadaist Georg Grosz.
Unfortunately this number of the magazine didn't appear and as a result, both pieces remained unknown, and even worse : the manuscripts disappeared until Werner Herbers rediscovered them in the mids 1990s in Prague.
One of the two pieces, the 'Sonata erotica' was published in 2016 and has been performed many times ever since in more than 10 countries (see also YouTube/Loes Luca).
The second piece, the 'Symphonia germanica' has run its first edition today at the Ebony Band Edition with an introduction by the German musicologist Dr. Tobias Widmaier (University of Freiburg).