Hans (Hanns) Aldo Schimmerling - 6 Miniatures for Chamberorchestra

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Fl. Ob. Klar. Fg. Hrn. 2 Vl. Vla. Vc. Cb. Pno/Cel.
Published by the Ebony Band Edition.
Score on sale for € 25.- / Instr. parts (pdf) € 75.-
This composition has been played by the Ebony Band
Around Prague 1922-1937 Channel Classics CCS 34813


The 6 Miniaturen für Kammerorchester (1922) were composed for an ensemble such as featured in the concerts of the Viennese 'Verein für musikalische Privataufführungen', the society founded by Schönberg in 1918 for the performance of works by contemporary composers before private audiences. In 1922, Schimmerling's mentor and employer Alexander von Zemlinsky had established a counterpart of the Viennese society in Prague, in which Viktor Ullmann collaborated.

The manuscript of the 6 Miniaturen is kept in the music department of the Austrian National Library ÖNB (Mus.Hs. 37.948).

First performances :

June 1922, Akademie Prague, under the composer
December 1923, Urania Prague, under Zemlinsky
April 1924, ISCM-festival Prague, o.l.v. Wilhelm Stek

First modern performance :

November 1994, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Ebony Band under Werner Herbers