Karl Horwitz

Karl Horwitz (1884 - 1925), composer from Vienna who studied with Schoenberg between 1904 - 1908. He started as a conductor but concentrated on composing at an early age. His musical style can be characterized as late-expressionistic.
His early death (after a long illness) and his way of composing, searching for the most profound and greatest expression, resulted in a very small oeuvre. Only nine of his compositions were published. Nothing is know about his unpublished works.

Performed by the Ebony Band (Bernadette ter Heyne, mezzo / Gerard Bouwhuis, piano), April 1992 :


Die Nacht, tekst Josef Eichendorff (1923) duration 2'40"
* Lied eines Knaben op.6, nr.4, tekst Alfred Mombert (1920) duration 2'25"
Der Tod op.6 nr.3, tekst Matthias Claudius (1920) duration 1'15"