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TV broadcast Podium Witteman 14-01-2017 and new review about cd 'Unheard'

The leader of the Ebony Band, Werner Herbers, was a guest in the weekly TV program 'Podium Witteman'. The interview tackled the political and social situation of Germany during the Weimar Republic and the development of 'degenerate music' with musical accompaniment by members of the Ebony Band playing two movements of 'Zehn Themen' by Erwin Schulhoff and Otto Griebel (Gerard Bouwhuis was on the piano) and the slow movement of the 'Kwintet' by Constantin Regamey (see other YouTube). Both performances are on 'video'.

In the section 'RECORDS TO DIE FOR', the American journal recently published a very positive review of our last cd, 'Unheard'.The last sentences of this review were :

"The performances are profoundly communicating and the multichannel recording is excellent. Both serve well to enclose you into a hothouse of unease. Disturbing but deeply affecting".

You'll find the complete review under 'Discography'.