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New publications of Ebony Band Edition

The Ebony Band Edition has published eight new works in a critical edition (in three languages), none of them have been published before.

Eman Balzar (Erwin Schulhoff)  :  Susi (1937), for unspecified solo-instrument and piano.

J. Hanell (Erwin Schulhoff)  :  The syncopater's Peter (ca.1934) - Stomp for trombone and piano

E.F.Burian  :  O dětech op.6 (1924), for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble

E.F.Burian  :  Malá předehra op.42 (1927) Ouverture for theatreorchestra

Miroslav Ponc  :  Pět polydynamických skladeb op.3 (1923), for stringquartett, piano, xylophone and Eb-clarinet (ad lib.)

Miroslav Ponc  :  Pět malých kousků op.9 (1927), for cello and piano

Miroslav Ponc  :  Veselá akrosticha op.12 (1928), for piano

Hans Aldo Schimmerling  :  6 Miniaturen (1922), for chamberorchestra