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Bavarian State Library silences Jewish, Austrian composer a second time in his life.

The Munich Bavarian State Library (BSB), the second largest library of Germany with more than 10 million books and 130.000 manuscripts, obstructs on legal grounds, the release of the music of the Jewish, Austrian composer Otto Jokl, pupil of Alban Berg, who emigrated to the US in 1940, became american citizen in 1945 and died in New York City in 1963.
 The Ebony Band would like to record one of his pieces, but the BSB requires from a possible performer a permission of a current copyrightholder before authorizing the use of the music material. We think the library itself should provide such a permission. A ban on the music is like a museum that stores its paintings in a depot.
Until now, we found out that Jokl was childless and that no copyright society (in Austrai, Germany, nor America) was attached to him.